Measured Building Survey

SUMO Measured Building Surveys enable our clients to understand the size, area and layout of their properties. As well as visualising the building and the immediate environment.


Floor Plans

Floor plans are measured using either a reflectorless total station/disto linked to dedicated software or by laser scanning. They consist of very simple room shapes through to showing any level of required detail. All of our floor plan surveys are instrumentally controlled to ensure the required accuracy. Properties range from single domestic dwellings, through to commercial properties. As well as hotels, theatres, schools, hospitals and prisons.




Elevations are normally measured with a Laser Scanner to ensure all required detail is captured. Drawings can range from showing very simple outline details, through to brick by brick detailing.

Using a laser scanner or reflectorless total station to capture the data, means that direct access to the building is not required. This eliminates health and safety requirements such as scaffolding and cherry pickers for direct measurement.




Sections can be taken at any required position and interval, showing any level of detail from main building outline through to fully detailed drawings showing detail such as skirting boards and coving. Elevational sections can also be provided.

section 2.png

3D Models

In addition to 2D data, surveys can be produced as 3D Wireframe Models, CAD Models and Sketchup models. The amount of detail shown in the model can be tailored to suit requirements. 3D Models can be produced from Laser Scan Pointclouds or from traditional 2D data where sufficient height data has been recorded.

3d Model 1.png
3d Model 4.png

GIA/NIA Surveys

GIA (Gross Internal Area) and NIA (Net Internal Area) surveys are carried out in accordance with the latest RICS guidelines. Surveys are conducted using a range of methods depending on the accuracy required.

These methods include:

  • High Definition Laser Scanning

  • Hand Held Laser Scanning

  • Total Station Survey

  • Disto Survey

  • Traditional Survey



Webshare is available when a laser scanner has been employed. The registered pointcloud is uploaded to our portal with access through a unique password. Panoramic imagery is available at each scan location. This allows the whole design team to view the survey over the internet with the use of a web browser. This data can be provided as view only, or with the ability to take measurements and add annotations.