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Interested in selling your survey business to SUMO?

It’s no surprise that the events of recent years have made many business owners stop and consider what their long-term plans are and question whether their business will ever fully recover.  


What’s more, the worry caused through cancelled orders, trading losses and associated cash flow problems have weighed heaviest on small business owners, many of whom have close relationships with and feel personally responsible for  their staff.


A problem shared can be a problem halved and that’s where SUMO comes in: 


The SUMO Group is an expanding multi-disciplinary survey practice operating throughout the UK.


The business is notionally split into three principal divisions, there is however, regular cross-over between the three divisions. 

  • Land and Utilities Surveying (including Rail and Solar).

  • Archaeological and Engineering Geophysical Surveys (including Aerial Surveys).

  • Measured Building and Laser Scanning (including 3D Modelling Surveys).

The Group’s rapid growth is based upon a combination of organic growth (winning more customers and selling more services to existing customers) and acquisition growth (the acquisition of competitor businesses and businesses with complimentary services).

If your business falls into one of these categories and you could be interested in selling it, SUMO would like to hear from you. 



SUMO is interested in acquiring profitable businesses which meet one of the following criteria: -


‘Lifestyle’ businesses where the owner operator has built up a loyal base of repeat customers over many years. Normally such owners are faced with the stark choice of continuing to trade or simply ceasing trade and selling off their equipment, with no prospect whatsoever of generating any capital value from the goodwill that they have created. SUMO has created a specific ‘retirement plan’ for such businesses, which can help the owner operator to generate a significant capital value on finally retiring.


Businesses that need additional resources to grow and where consolidated savings could be achieved.


Businesses where there is no obvious successor and the current owner wishes to retire, but seeks to achieve a sensible sales value for the business, whilst securing the on-going employment of its staff and the continued service of its historic customer base. Such a retirement can either be immediate or staged over one or more years to meet the vendor’s needs.  Furthermore, in some cases one or more owners / partners in the business may want to sell out, whilst others may want to remain in the business, and SUMO can generally accommodate this.


Businesses where the current owners want to continue to work in the business, but seek to de-risk their financial commitment by extracting some capital and becoming a shareholder in a larger growing business.



SUMO has both the financial resources and the experience to acquire businesses in a highly efficient manner, so that the value created by the business owner can be unlocked in an exit timescale which works for everyone. 


At SUMO, we realise that the prospect of selling your business is highly emotive and needs to be handled very sensitively from an owner and a staff perspective. If therefore you own a good quality surveying business and would like a confidential and informal discussion on the options available to you through SUMO, contact Colin Carnachan, SUMO Group’s Managing Director personally at and he will be happy to explain more.

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