Case Study - Crawley Open House

Laser Scanning The Crawley Open House For CRASH

Laser scanning the Crawley Open House

Crawley Open House provides support and services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion. Their support is available to anyone in need.

The Brief

  • SUMO were approached by the construction charity CRASH. This was through the kind recommendation of Ben Adams Architects. The brief was to complete a laser scan at The Crawley Open House.

  • The Open House plans to expand into a near-by unit, which was previously being used as an Indian restaurant. They hope to hold skills workshops and classes in the space, once refurbished.

  • The Architects needed to re-design the unit (which was previously being used as a takeaway shop). SUMO completed a Measured building survey of the property. SUMO then obtained floor plans and building elevations.

The Process

  • SUMO completed a Measured Building survey using state of the art laser scanning equipment.

  • The survey took less than a few hours to complete and the data was delivered in timely fashion to the client.

The Result

  • SUMO delivered the required floor plans and evaluations to the client.

  • The work was completed rapidly, at a significantly discounted rate for the CRASH Charity.

Laser scan data from the site area, overlaid onto real photographs of the site area. The accuracy of the laser scan data is very high.

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