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Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are a fundamental component of land assessment, providing a detailed representation of the physical features and contours of a given area. These surveys capture and map both natural and man-made features, including hills, valleys, trees, buildings, roads and pathways. Through the use of advanced technology and precise measurement techniques, our team meticulously record the elevation, size, shape, and position of these elements, creating accurate and highly detailed maps.


Topographic Land Survey

All our surveying vehicles are identically equipped with the latest Trimble Robotic total stations and GPS surveying units

SUMO Topographic Surveys




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  • Speed from 1st enquiry to quotation

  • Delivering survey data that is clear & accurate

  • Top quality full-colour survey drawings

  • Post-survey support & complaint resolution

  • Maintaining professional accreditations

  • Availability on site to meet your requirements

  • Detailed post-survey explanation of survey results

  • Competitive pricing providing real value for money

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