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Hand-Held Laser Scanning Survey


With an unprecedented speed of data collection, capturing large areas of data has never been as cost and time-efficient compared with other laser scanning techniques.

Typically, SUMO can collect between 6,000m2 and 10,000m² of floor area information in just one day of surveying. While the density, cleanliness and tolerance of the hand-held laser scan data may be lesser than traditional tripod-mounted laser scanning options, the speed of collection and survey cost is significantly reduced.


Mobile scanning allows us to provide rapid scan results across a whole site. Example applications include: -

  • Roads and highways

  • Ceiling voids and cavities

  • White Line surveys

  • Town and City streets

  • Beach and Cliffs (for erosion monitoring)

  • Railway routes and stations


The extensive benefits of SUMO’s Hand-Held Laser Scanning include:

  • Time-saving

  • Competitive pricing

  • Flexible scheduling to fit with client requirements

  • Inaccessible/ restricted locations can be safely surveyed

  • Data is easily checked on-site to ensure complete coverage 


Last year alone, SUMO collected 250,000m² of data using the handheld GeoSLAM Revo across UK school estates. The first five school sites totalled over 50,000m², with site work completed in less than two weeks by a single operative using a mobile laser scanner.  As hand-held scanning is a flexible method of surveying, SUMO could survey the site area during the evenings when the school closed. Thus, there was no interference with the usual running


What deliverable can I expect from SUMO’s Hand-Held Scanning Survey?

  • Graphic Scale Plans – Available within a few days of completing the survey, we can provide you with a scaled picture of the hand-held laser scan data that will allow you to start planning.

  • Point Cloud – We can provide you with the raw point cloud data to work with yourself. Point clouds themselves can be substantially large files but can be viewed with free software to interrogate the data that has been captured before processing into drawings or models.



The majority of deliverables provided using Hand-Held Scanning Survey data is used for feasibility purposes. We are still able to produce 2D and 3D deliverables as laid out below.

2D Drawing

Information from the survey can be presented as a 2D drawing complete with floor plans, reflective ceiling plans, and simple elevations through to detailed ‘brick by brick’ elevations and building sections. Drawings can be completed of any given location, with either basic detail or full detail included. Ask one of our experienced representatives for more information on the levels of 2D drawing detail available.


3D Model

Our team of expert CAD technicians can deliver your laser scan data as a 3D model in the following formats: -




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