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Revit BIM Modelling


SUMO Measured Building has been producing BIM of existing buildings for the industry since 2014. We have tailored our service to make our models and other deliverables economic, easy to use and accessible.


As-built Revit BIM modelling has a wide variety of applications including:

  • Measured Building Surveys

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Rights of Light

  • Utility Surveys


Using several references including laser-scanned point clouds, photographs, building plans, topographic and utility survey drawings, Revit is used to create accurate survey BIM models that are suitable for design, review and analysis


Above : Example of a SUMO Revit model - SUMO were asked to produce a model of The Comet Hotel which is Grade II listed. The Revit model focused on the detailed elements including brickwork features and sills, and an internal Art Deco staircase and ceiling covings.


As-built Revit BIM Modelling allows for:

  • The sharing of a dynamic virtual model which can be easily passed to all professional parties or Revit BIM participants in a project life-cycle such as Architects, Surveyors, Planners and Engineers.

  • Adding of industry-specific data by Revit BIM participants on a project to the same model. This ensures the project progresses efficiently and reduces the risk of information loss, or uncertainties during project progression.


The Revit Model can also be used to extract typical 2D survey drawings including 2D plans, land surveys, elevations and sections with some further enhancement.


SUMO would be happy to consult with you on your scope. We can help tailor a cost-effective, clearly defined survey and model brief. It will integrate the design, construction and operation of your buildings.


The range of options for survey models is wide and varied and can be customised to suit your project needs. But, to simplify the specification, we have three typical levels of model that are appropriate for most situations. We have created the SUMO BIM Model Specifier which outlines these three typical levels of model. You can view the BIM Model Specifier below.

BIM Model Specifier


Our range of options for BIM models is wide and varied and can be customised to suit your project needs. To simplify the specification, we have three typical levels of detail (LOD) for models that are suited to many situations


Basic Model (LOD 2)


This is our lowest detail model. It is suitable for buildings which are going to be completely stripped out or for basic concept modelling. Level of detail will be similar to a 1:200 survey.


Elements included as standard:

  • Walls (internal and external)

  • Openings

  • Floors (finished floor to underside of ceiling)

  • Roofs (underside of ceiling or rafters to finished surface as a sin- gle volume)

  • Stairs (generic treads only with no handrails)

  • No elevational / architectural Detail


Standard Model (LOD 3)


This is our most versatile model. It is suitable for buildings for concept design and producing schedules. Detail is similar to a 1:100 survey.


As Basic but including:


  • Windows (basic frame within opening)

  • Doors (basic frame within opening)

  • Roofs (as volumes with basic features added)

  • Stairs (generic treads and handrails)

  • Main columns & beams

  • Major items of services over 1m in size

  • Elevational features over 0.2m in size


Detailed Model (LOD 4)


This adds further element types particularly focusing on fixed items, services, and more building detail. Detail is similar to a 1:50 survey.


As Standard but including:


  • Walls (increased detail externally and internally)

  • Windows and Doors (including frames)

  • Roofs (including gutters, soffits, fixtures)

  • Stairs (customised treads and handrails)

  • All Columns & Beams

  • Services runs over 0.1m and equipment over 0.5m in size

  • Higher detailed elevation features inc. cornices and mouldings

  • Sanitary Installations (WC, HWB, cubicles etc.)

Modelling Extras


Our three model types provide a good base from which to customise your project, but we can also expand beyond these with additional Modelling Extras to increase the detail of engineering components, Mass Model and context.




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