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3D Laser Scanning


Capture billions of points quickly, safely & accurately.


3D laser scanning is a highly accurate method of capturing data in 3D. With this process we can provide richer data which allows 2D drawings, 3D models, ortho-images and fly-through animations to be produced.

We access a range of scanners to meet the individual requirements of each project. 3D laser scanning can be employed in a wide range of applications.

To date we have undertaken a wide range of scanning projects including aircraft, boats, buildings, statues, streets, rail and tube stations, petrochemical plants, factories and offices, cave systems, mines and quarries to name but a few.

We also have a global network of contacts enabling us to, when appropriate, undertake laser scanning using local experts or equipment to reduce time and cost for data capture whilst allowing us to control the production of deliverables to achieve the standards required.

What are the benefits?


Speed - Complex environments are captured faster than alternative techniques. No return visits due to completeness of data capture.


Accuracy - From sub-millimetre on small object scans to 5-10mm on objects at distances up to 500m.


Site Access and Safety - Remote observation means that site access may not be required.


Cost - 3D Laser Scanning is cost effective and SUMO Services provides free quotes and competitive prices.


Archive - As a complete snapshot the data provides an invaluable archive/library for routine monitoring or future exploitation.


What we offer

  • Point Clouds - Point clouds can be cleaned & cropped and delivered in a various formats with free viewing software. Ortho-images and fly-through animations can be created.

  • Drawings - Finished 2D Plans, elevations and section drawings

  • 3D Models - Using the laser scanned point clouds as a reference highly accurate 3D models can be created. Deliverable options include NURBS or Polygon Surfaces and a number of leading formats including *.3ds, *.dwg, *.obj, *.3dm.


Why choose us


SUMO Services has over a decade of experience with 3D Laser Scanning. We will provide an exceptional level of service by:

  • Project managing your requirements and specifications.

  • Tailoring our 3D laser scanning service to your needs.

  • Providing a cost-effective solution




Receive a FREE Survey quotation from one of our survey engineers?


Chat through any requirements you need, including site survey, survey methodologies and detail requirements.

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