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3D Modelling


SUMO Services offers a comprehensive 3D modelling service from our 3D and visuals team, with a combined 25 years’ experience in this field. Our technical expertise results in highly accurate, life-like 3D models, from small objects, to large buildings and structures.

3D modelling can be undertaken on any existing or proposed structures, objects or organic surfaces and can be simple or highly detailed and comprehensive, depending on your budget and requirements.


SUMO have undertaken a wide range of projects, 3D modelling building exteriors and interiors, theatres, city streetscapes, railway stations, bridges, industrial plants, machinery, warehouse spaces, cave systems, aircraft, boats, quarries, and television & film sets to name just a few.


Why choose a 3D Model

To improve the understanding and accuracy of a project


By providing a real-world digital view, a highly accurate digital twin provides real-world context for design, construction, operational analysis and decisions which can then be used throughout the life-cycle of a project. 3D models allow for highly accurate measurements to be taken for design and planning purposes, as well as remote inspections of a site with visual clarity.


To provide full visual representation of a project


From the design process to the presentation, a 3D model helps everyone gain a true understanding of what a project will look like. It puts a project in the context of its location and how it fits with the surrounding area.


To provide cost efficiencies


Having a 3D model produced cuts down on time spent for project analysis, design and development and is cost effective compared to other survey outputs. 2D plans, elevations and section drawings can also be quickly extracted from a 3D model, reducing time and costs for any additional drawing work that may be needed.


To provide enhanced collaboration between all teams involved in a project


A 3D model is a more attractive and understandable way to show a project to all involved parties. 3D models are a life-like representation, this can be one of the most effective ways to communicate the main idea among different stakeholders, even as early as at the scheme stage. Can also easily be shared with others digitally.


Identify potential design problems


3D modelling allows for the experimentation of different ideas and identify any potential problems with a project before they become real world issues, cutting down on time and costs that might have been incurred later on.


To obtain real-time updates to a project


A 3D model can be easily edited and updated at any stage of a project cycle, with changes to an as-built model as a project progresses, or additions made to as-built models as project designs are subsequently created.


Applications for 3D Modelling


Some of the sectors SUMO have provided 3D modelling for include:


  • Measured Building Surveys

  • Engineering Surveys

  • Rail Surveys

  • Archaeological Surveys

  • Projection Mapping Events

  • 3D Printing

  • Stage and Event design

  • Interior Design

  • Film & TV

  • Gaming Industry

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Virtual Productions

What we offer


We can provide 3D solid, surface, mesh, or wireframe models, provided as CAD / NURBS or polygon mesh surfaces in a variety of popular and leading formats to suit your requirements. Our team can create 3D models from 3D laser scanned point cloud data, 2D CAD drawings or survey data.


SUMO 3D Laser Scanning Service is a highly accurate method of capturing point cloud data.


To compliment your model we offer a wide variety of Visualisation Services including photo-realistic renders of your 3D model, a 360 view or full animated fly-through provided as a standalone presentation or online in an  interactive cloud-based service.




Should you require additional information we can quickly model additional surfaces or features required, as well as extract 2D plans, elevations and section drawings from a 3D model without the need to return to site or draw from scratch.

BBC-News-Studio .png


Above: SUMO 3D model of BBC News Studio B.

Tower-of-London .png


Above: SUMO 3D model of Usher Hall Edinburgh.

Usher-Hall-Edinburgh .png


Above: SUMO 3D model of the Tower of London.

SUMO Services is dedicated to


Tailoring our 3D modelling services to your individual needs.

Project managing your requirements and specifications.

Providing a cost-effective solution.




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