SUMO Survey

Utility Detection & Mapping

Using the latest detection technology including electro-magnetics, signal induced threading and ground penetrating radar, SUMO locate metal pipes, plastic pipes, drainage systems, electricity cables, telecoms and fibre optic cables. In fact, almost any buried utility.


We do this without digging trial holes using a proven non-invasive methodology. This was developed over many years. It ensures consistent results and enables high levels of detection accuracy.

The position of any detected utility is marked on the ground surface in colour coded biodegradable paint by utility type. A line diagram is painted showing direction and depths, recording the measurements.

Rapid Response

The SUMO Utility Detection product is a quick response service for contractors who need to undertake excavation works with minimised risk of service strikes.

Immediate Results

Not only can SUMO let you know what is underground, we do it immediately. Our equipment provides real-time information. When we leave site, the detected utility survey data will show the recorded data on the ground. We review the survey results with site workers. We provide a handbook explaining the meaning of the survey markings together with a FAQ guide to underground utility detection.

This service does not include a Statutory Records Search. But, we can provide for an extra charge.

Utility Mapping

SUMO can provide a top quality colour coded survey drawing of the detected utilities. We also combine with key topographic features when a permanent record of a Utility Detection survey is needed.

SUMO prides itself on providing the best quality survey drawings in the industry. All utility data marked on the ground surface is accurately recorded. We complete our drawings using Total Station surveying techniques. Dependant upon the client's requirements, we can provide extra details including fixed surface utility features. For example: inspection chambers, valve boxes and telegraph poles. Plus key topographic features including building lines, fence lines, kerb lines and street furniture can also be incorporated. We can include street names, building names and house numbers to assist in the site location.

The survey data references the ordnance survey grid and level datum as standard. The drawing can also be supplied to a specified grid & level datum. As well the option to overlay over an existing topographical survey.

The Sumo Utility Mapping service is ideal for the client who needs to undertake excavation works on sites where a record is required for future reference or as part of the pre-construction feasibility and design works.


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