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Statutory Plan Collation


It is an HSE recommendation (HSG47) that before undertaking any below surface excavation works a Statutory Plans Search is carried out.


Statutory Records can be an invaluable guide to the below surface utility infrastructure. But often, they do not provide a comprehensive and up-to-date record. Therefore, these records should ideally be used as a precursor to a full, non-invasive utility detection survey such as the SUMO Survey or PAS 128 Survey. Through our Statutory Search partner, we offer a unique, bespoke service, tailored to your specific project requirements.

Industry specific searches:


TelecommunicationsFibre Optics Gas PipelinesWater Mains Sewers Electric cables


Statutory Plans can be provided for services covering up to a square kilometre, with a visual overview map of the search area defined by the client.


A summary report showing list of the Statutory Undertakers consulted and which distinguishes between plant affected / not affected and nil responses are provided on CD ROM in a pdf format.


Paper copies are also available; please speak to a member of staff for pricing.


We have four levels of Statutory Plan collation services dependant on your time requirements:


Urgent 48 Hour Service as a priority 5 Working Day Service 10 Working Day Service

20 Working Day Service


Please speak to a member of the team regarding the urgency of records, and we will be happy to help you further.




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