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Topographic Land Surveying


At SUMO Services, we specialize in delivering topographical surveys that go beyond traditional mapping.  Our cutting edge Robotic Total Stations, GPS, 3D laser scanners and UAVs, combined with our experienced surveyors and attention to detail, ensure that you receive accurate and actionable insights.


Transform the way you approach your projects and uncover the full potential of your land with our topographical survey services.


SUMO undertakes a variety of topographic surveys to include:


  • Land Surveys of Greenfield and Brownfield sites

  • As Built Surveys

  • Boundary Surveys (including Land Registry Complaint reporting)

  • Monitoring for ground and building movement

  • Setting Out Surveys

  • Volumetric Surveys



Above : Total Station being set up for a Topographical survey.


Some Benefits of a Topographical Survey:


  1. Accurate Planning : Whether you're a developer, architect, or engineer, a topographical survey provides you with precise data to plan your projects effectively.  You'll be able to design structures that perfectly harmonize with the land, minimizing potential complications during construction.

  2. Resourceful Land Use : Optimize land utilization by understanding its natural attributes. A topographical survey reveals slopes, water bodies, vegetation, and other vital elements. This knowledge empowers you to maximize usable areas while respecting environmental considerations.

  3. Risk Mitigation : Avoiding unexpected surprises for construction and infrastructure projects is key.  A topographical survey identifies potential hazards such as flood-prone areas, unstable slopes, or underground utilities. This insight helps mitigate risks and ensures the safety of both projects and personnel.

  4. Accurate Cost Estimation : Budgeting is crucial to any project. With a topographical survey, you'll be able to estimate costs more accurately, accounting for factors like earthwork, drainage solutions, and foundation requirements.

  5. Environmental Considerations : If you're planning a development that respects the natural surroundings, a topographical survey aids in understanding the ecological aspects of the land. This knowledge facilitates eco-friendly designs and sustainable practices.

  6. Data-Driven Decisions : From urban planning to landscaping, a topographical survey equips you with comprehensive data to make well-informed decisions. This leads to better outcomes and enhances your project's overall success.


Above : 3D topographic-Revit drawing completed by SUMO.


Our topographical surveys are often complemented by our utility and geophysical surveys, as well as being used at the start of the construction phase of the project or enhanced later in the project with our measured building surveys.


Drawings can be issued in 2D and 3D formats with our client feedback highlighting the quality of the detail we provide goes beyond expectations.


Above : Example of topographic drawing and the detail captured.




Receive a FREE Survey quotation from one of our survey engineers?


Chat through any requirements you need, including site survey, survey methodologies and detail requirements.

"As architectural designers, our business relies on accurate site information being provided to us. Quality measured building surveys and topographical surveys enable us to produce accurate drawings for our clients applications. We have used Sumo for almost 6 years now and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their surveys are always of the highest standard and their willingness to assist with additional information when required sets them apart from other surveyors we have used in the past. We wouldn’t use anyone else!!"


Sean Adams

Director - Adams Planning & Project Services Ltd

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