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The SUMO Survey Group Retirement Exit Plan for independent Surveyors

As an owner operator surveyor, we understand that it’s easy to think that everything in the construction world is doom and gloom these days with the events of recent years having a major impact on workloads, equipment theft on the rise and the general uncertainty caused by high interest rates.


After what has been a particularly challenging trading decade, the commercial, civil engineering and residential sectors are all down yet again. As such it seems harder than ever to make a living as a surveyor and any thoughts of a comfortable retirement seem further off than ever.


However, the news isn’t all bad…


The SUMO Survey Group has a retirement exit plan for independent surveyors, who have built up a loyal base of repeat customers. Normally such owners are faced with the stark choice of continuing to trade, or to simply stop working and sell off their equipment, with no prospect whatsoever of generating any capital value from the goodwill that they have created. 


SUMO has designed a specific ‘retirement plan’ for such businesses


This can help you to generate a significant capital value on finally retiring, whilst at the same time securing the on-going employment of your staff (if any) and the continued service of your historic customer base. We do this by creating a working environment where you join forces with SUMO and your income is protected in your retirement year, but your clients are gradually transferred over to SUMO in a structured manner. 


At the same time, we quantify the value of the work that you are generating from your customer base and pay to you a capital sum, on a risk-free basis, in return for assisting in the transfer of that business to SUMO.  We will also offer to buy your equipment from you at your retirement date (you don’t need to accept the offer), at market value, thereby avoiding the need to sell off such equipment at rock-bottom prices on E-bay, or some other such site. 


The Group’s rapid growth is based upon a combination of organic growth (winning more customers and selling more services to existing customers) and acquisition growth (the acquisition of competitor businesses and businesses with complimentary services).  As such, SUMO has both the financial resources and the experience to acquire your business in a highly efficient manner, so that the value you have created can be unlocked in an exit timescale which works for you.   



We realise that the prospect of retiring is highly emotive and needs to be handled sensitively, from the perspective of owner, staff and customers alike. If therefore you operate a good quality surveying business and would like a confidential and informal discussion on the options available to you through SUMO, please contact Colin Carnachan, the SUMO Group’s Managing Director personally at and he will be happy to explain more.

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