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Sustainability Policy


The policy extends to SUMO Services Ltd, Team Surveys Ltd, SUMO Havant Ltd, GSB Prospection Ltd & Stratascan Ltd. All Companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of SUMO Ltd.


1. Our Principles


We recognise that we have the potential for both positive and negative impacts upon the environment at local, national and global levels. We acknowledge our responsibility for environmental protection and aim to contribute to the national commitment to sustainable development.


2. Our Commitment:

  • Communicate our environmental statement and activities to staff, subcontractors and other stakeholders and to raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities and requirements.

  • Comply fully and where possible exceed standards set in relevant UK, EU and international regulatory requirements and agreements.

  • Reduce our carbon footprint through prudent use of fossil fuels (through energy conservation) and to switch to green fuel alternatives where possible.

  • Manage and reduce water consumption.

  • Implement measures to encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport or car sharing as principal means of commuting to the office or when out on company business

  • Reduce waste created and where possible reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials.

  • All files and written communication to be created in digital format, with hard copies produced only if strictly necessary.

  • Integrate principles of environmental sustainability within all Company practices, specifically those relating to procurement of goods and services.


Avoid or limit wherever practical the use of environmentally damaging substances or materials

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