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Working in Schools Code of Conduct.


The policy extends to SUMO Services Ltd, Team Surveys Ltd, SUMO Havant Ltd, GSB Prospection Ltd & Stratascan Ltd. All Companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of SUMO Ltd.


1. Objective


To ensure that effective systems are in place to safeguard children/vulnerable adults when working in schools or at premises caring for children or vulnerable adults.


2. Code of Conduct for Site Personnel:

a)    Avoid direct contact with children/vulnerable adults

b)    Never be in direct contact with children/vulnerable adults without school/carers supervision.

c)    Stay within the agreed work area and access routes.

d)    Obtain permission if you need to go outside the agreed work area or access routes.

e)    Keep staff informed of where you are and what you are doing.

f)     Do not use profane or inappropriate language

g)  Do not bring inappropriate printed material onto the school site.

h)  Dress appropriately – Full uniform and Hi-Viz PPE to be worn at all times.

i)  Site photographs (identifying problem areas located during the survey or obstructions) must only be taken when 2 surveyors are present and no children/vulnerable adults are within the vicinity (including the immediate background) and must be immediately suspended if children/vulnerable adults/teachers/carers approach the area.

j) Ensure equipment is stored appropriately, never left unattended and not accessible to any children


Observe this code at all times and remember your actions no matter how well intentioned could be misinterpreted

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