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With our team of PTS trained surveyors SUMO can now offer comprehensive railway survey packages.


We can offer


Survey packages covering any of the following areas:

  • Railway tracks

  • Tunnels

  • Bridges

  • Crossings

  • Platforms

  • Interacting structures, natural or man-made

  • All types of railway buildings

  • Railway stations.


Why choose us?


Our state of the art 3D laser scanning surveying methods offer the quickest and most cost-effective way of obtaining large quantities of highly accurate data with minimal time and disruption on site.

Scanning can also be undertaken remotely where there is problematic or risk associated access.

From this our in-house team can produce:

  • Accurate 3D models, 2D Plans, Sections and Elevations of the railway, local ground model, and all associated signage, equipment and utilities that accompany the rail.

  • Databases for cataloging.

  • Fly through animations and visualisations.


Dependent on your requirements our land surveyors can also offer traditional topographic and measured building surveying, providing accurate floorplans of stations and platforms.


Whatever your requirements SUMO will provide an exceptional level of service to you by:

  • Project managing your requirements and specifications, advising on the best approach to rail surveys and tailoring services to meet your individual needs

  • Answering any questions or queries you may have

  • Communicating with you every step of the way

  • Providing a cost-effective service.




Receive a FREE Survey quotation from one of our survey engineers?


Chat through any requirements you need, including site survey, survey methodologies and detail requirements.

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