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Quality Policy Statement

The policy extends to SUMO Services Ltd, Team Surveys Ltd, SUMO Havant Ltd, GSB Prospection Ltd & Stratascan Ltd. All Companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of SUMO Ltd.

We are committed to providing clients with cost effective solutions to meet their specific requirements and to the continual improvement of the Quality Management System. We achieve this by regularly monitoring performance indicators such as start and finish dates of surveys and the performance of our equipment. In addition, we carry out a programme of internal quality audits of our activities. 

We pride ourselves on the personal service that we offer to all our clients, and strive at all times to maintain our good reputation as a provider of accurate and reliable services.

To support this policy SUMO will:

  1. Maintain and continually review an effective programme for Company-wide quality, which will also ensure that corrective and preventative actions are taken when necessary.

  2. Ensure that quality requirements are determined and satisfied throughout all stages of a contract.

  3. Establish and implement procedures to ensure that only acceptable products and services are presented to the client.

  4. Ensure that all personnel are conversant with the Company Policy and objectives through an ongoing programme of education and training.

  5. Provide adequate resources that the clients’ requirements are fulfilled.

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