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SUMO Air Space - Your Questions Answered

The latest from SUMO GeoSurveys, providing a range of aerial and geospatial surveys using drones, known commercially as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

Ask the Audience!

It is important to us that you are as informed as possible when commissioning a UAS survey to make sure you know exactly what you can get out of it. You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions below…

Q: What is multispectral and how does it work?

In brief, multispectral uses a sensor array which collects images at different wavelengths. These images can be processed to identify the health of plants on the surface. Since plant health can be influenced by sub-surface features, multispectral surveys can show where these features are by the appearance of the plants in the processed image. Therefore, archaeology which doesn’t leave a topographic footprint may still be revealed by UAS multispectral mapping.

Q: What level of accuracy can you achieve with your georeferencing, particularly over large landscapes?

Q: What solution can you offer for obtaining ground levels beneath tree canopies where photogrammetry cannot reach?

Q: Is photogrammetry better than LiDAR?

Q: At what hectarage does UAS-based LiDAR become more cost effective than manned LiDAR?

Q: What are the optimum conditions for a UAS survey?

Q: How quickly can you go from instruction to delivery of results?

Q: Can you operate in restricted airspace?

Q: Can you carry out earthwork surveys for planning conditions?

Q: How familiar with UAS surveys are county archaeologists?

Q: Can photogrammetry be used in Historic Building Recording instead of traditional photos and annotation?

Q: Can UAS be used inside buildings, such as churches?

Q: What outputs can you provide from a building survey?

Q: Is there any archaeology which photogrammetry doesn’t work on?


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