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Environmental Statement

Our statement of general policy is:

It is the policy of the Company to ensure its commitment to safeguarding the environment is given the highest possible priority.


The Company recognises the need to comply with all laws and regulations that serve to protect the environment.  Through training and the implementation of control measures the company strive to minimise any adverse impact on the environment.


The Company ensures that all Employees are made aware of all relevant environmental issues and that they appreciate the commitment they must make in order to match the company’s commitment to achieve environmental best practice.


Whilst on site it is the responsibility of the Site Personnel to ensure the condition of a site is not deteriorated by their work activities and that any waste is removed when leaving site and disposed of accordingly.


The effectiveness of this policy will be constantly monitored on a regular basis with any issues arising being notified to all Surveyors and any further control measures necessary being implemented.

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