The development of the company

One of the first (if not the first) survey company to provide 100% digital drawings in 1989. Established alongside Team Consultants to provide not only surveying services but also engineering consultancy. Andrew Cooke became 100% shareholder in 1995.

Team grew to a maximum of 22 staff. Always keen to employ the latest technology, Team were early users of Dual Frequency GPS, robotic total stations, digital bar code levels, and were one of the very first users of 'MBS' software for producing real-time floor plan and elevation surveys.

Following the introduction of the MBS software, Team's reputation for measured surveys helped them become the preferred contractor for Barclays Bank, resulting in the surveys of hundreds of Barclays existing branches throughout the UK, along with many other buildings for potential purchase by the bank. Other clients including the NHS and Midland Bank, also used the services of Team for multiple building surveys.


The introduction of the other technologies such as GPS and robotic total stations helped Team to become one of the preferred contractors for large scale gas pipeline surveys. Team have completed many thousands of kilometres of route surveys to aid the design of pipe routes as well as providing as-built surveys of the pipes as they are laid.

The same technologies also enabled Team to build a solid reputation for the survey of large scale Wind Farm sites throughout the UK, providing surveys of proposed pad location, on site tracks and access tracks etc; Other areas where Team have been employed for many years include - WTW and STW along with pipe route surveys for South West Water, railway surveys at stations and at multiple locations for new signage, and as built surveys on domestic housing sites for Wainhomes (currently looking after approximately 20 different sites each month, checking as-built positions of houses, roads and boundaries) - a service that has been provided for over 20 years.

To control quality of the business and product, Team have been quality assured for many years dating back to the old BS5750 days.

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