The development of the company

The company was started in 1990 by Peter Barker and in the early years was based in the farm house at Tiltridge Farm just outside Upton upon Severn in South Worcestershire.

The limited space restricted the early growth of the company to around six employees but in 1996, upon the completion of a barn conversion on the farm, we were able to start expanding. By 2008 the company employed over 20 staff capable of putting five teams in the field as well as three project officers responsible for day to day management of contracts, data processing and report writing. By then four managers had been appointed to run the company. These four managers are still with the company and indeed have taken on additional responsibilities within the group.

The markets in which we operate

With a background in both archaeology and civil engineering we wished to provide near – surface geophysical surveys in both sectors but essentially using the similar equipment and methodologies.



With the introduction of ‘Planning Policy Guidance Note 15’ (PPG 15) in 1994 developers were required to consider the impact of their development on the buried archaeology within their sites. The investigations often required the inclusion of shallow geophysics as a cost effective way of assessing medium to large sites. The corresponding increase in ‘developer funded’ surveys allowed the company to grow to being the largest archaeological geophysics provider within the UK.

Civil Engineering

The main application for shallow geophysics in civil engineering is for detecting buried utilities. In the early ‘90s this was an emerging market with few practitioners offering ground probing radar. As Stratascan had invested in GPR in 1990 we were able to gain early expertise in this sector which has stood us in good stead ever since. In addition to utilities we carried out surveys to investigate other buried feature / obstructions such as concrete structures, mine shafts, air raid shelters, UXO’s

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