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Cost-effective 3D modelling solutions for fabricators and architects

Updated: Jan 31

Knowing that you have accurate information when it comes to designing or fabricating elaborate staircases and structures is essential to save you both time and money, and give you the confidence that your staircase will fit first time.

Therefore, if you need assistance with the planning and design of a new staircase, or with the renovation of an existing staircase, no matter how simple or complex, our 3D modelling and visualisation team is here to help.

SUMO 3D model renders of a new spiral staircase

Above: SUMO 3D model renders of a new spiral staircase. The model enabled our client to plan, design and fabricate the necessary glass balustrades.

For the construction and fabrication of new staircases, 3D-modelled renders provide you with a tool to design and plan how that staircase is going to look in a space. Alternatively, a 3D model of a staircase once in situ, or of an existing staircase that needs to be renovated, provides a clear visual tool to extract the detailed measurements needed to fabricate bespoke handrails and balustrades to exact tolerances.

SUMO 3D Models

Above: A variety of SUMO 3D Models of staircases produced for clients. SUMO can model any shape and size of staircase, balustrades and handrails.

If a staircase design is only in draft form, SUMO can 3D model the space that it will be installed in and also model the staircase from your design drawings. As a result, you can visualise your proposed staircase in the space in which it will eventually exist, making any amendments needed before fabrication, and preventing potential costly reworks. In addition, traditional, 2D drawings can prove difficult to interpret what the end result will actually look like. However, 3D models can provide your clients with a clear visualisation, allowing them to understand exactly how the finished project will look, with photographic clarity, enabling them to quickly sign off the planned designs. These visualisation packages can be presented as a real-time walk-through of the property or space, with an online password-protected login, accessible anywhere via mobile, tablet, laptop and PC.

3D model renders of a staircase

SUMO 3D model renders of a staircase in a small corner of an industrial space, from multiple views.

As an example of how a 3D model can benefit you, SUMO undertook a project for a client who was designing and fabricating handrails for a staircase. They had requested a set of 2D drawings, but because of the shape and complexity of the area, we knew that a 3D model, (below), would provide them with the detail they really needed, with the benefit of costing no more than a set of 2D drawings.

3D model of a complex concrete staircase

SUMO 3D model of a complex concrete staircase, which highlights the overhang on the stairs and the gaps in the concrete, as well as the full spiral shape of the staircase.

The net result, was that the client was able to fabricate the handrails to the exact tolerances needed for this complex structure and space, without the need for costly on-site adjustments. Whatever your requirements, 3D models, renders and visualisations can be produced from 3D laser scanning data, 2D plans, or merely a concept sketch and needn’t be expensive. So don’t take the risk and contact SUMO now to order your 3D model!


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