Case Study - Willmott Dixon

Minimising Disruption

As the UK’s largest provider of specialist utility surveys, SUMO is highly experienced in dealing with complex brownfield sites in congested areas.

A key criteria in such an environment, is the use of new technology allowing non-invasive survey procedures to be carried out, thereby minimising the disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. Even more importantly, SUMO’s unique methodology minimises the incidence of service strikes by accurately detecting and plotting both the main utilities and the service connections.

Willmott Dixon has been routinely using expert utility detection services long before it was established industry practice.


Ray Hanney, of SUMO said “We have had a long term relationship with Willmott Dixon and from the outset we recognised the overriding priority they place on health and safety and on minimising the impact of their sites on the local environment”.

The Goldsmith site presented the typical problem for Willmott Dixon. Buried utility records were unavailable so they had very little idea what they were dealing with when they moved onto the site and SUMO was called on to detect and map the buried utilities.

“We were surprised at the amount we found” said SUMO. “There was a huge amount of utilities in the ground and we were able to identify pretty much everything that was there. The cost of the survey compared to the overall project cost was very small indeed, but the information obtained from it was invaluable in planning the development of the site”.

SUMO has undertaken utility surveys on many high profile schemes throughout the country for some of the biggest names in the construction industry.

When this new service was introduced, the primary customer was the contractor but as the market continued to expand, other sectors of the construction industry, particularly civil and consulting engineers, architects and town planners also demanded information for design and build projects.

Survey techniques used in this case study...

SUMO Survey
Utility detection
& mapping

Ground Probing Radar (GPR)

Electromagnetic Location (EML)