CCTV Survey

SUMO CCTV surveys

Comprehensive CCTV Drainage Surveys to suit all customers' needs from home owner to construction sites.

SUMO’s CCTV Surveys utilise state-of-the-art systems to provide professional internal inspection and reporting, plus cleaning and defect repairs.

Whether you need to calculate drain capacity or detect areas of potential water egress, our surveys will determine the structural integrity of a drain and provide photographic evidence of any defect found. We supply a detailed summary outlining any remedial works that may be required, along with concise drawings that map the exact location of your underground network.

This information can be supplied to you as a stand-alone report, or in conjunction with a utility survey, where pipe references can be correlated between video footage, reports and drawings, depending upon your requirements.

We can provide you with:

  • CCTV Camera Surveys

  • High Pressure Jetting

  • Root and Concrete Cutting

  • Drainage Condition Reports

  • Video Footage and Still Photos of Defects

  • Detailed Drawings to OS or Supplied Topographic Survey

  • Defect Location and Suggested Remedial Work

  • Patch Lining Repairs

In addition we can provide the following via our specialist subcontractors:

  • CIPP Lining

  • Tankers and Over Pumping

  • Excavation Works