SUMO remains strong despite Carillion liquidation

The SUMO Group worked on several Carillion-related projects before the company entered liquidation on the 15th January 2018. Carillion owes SUMO minimal fees for some of the projects SUMO undertook, but it does not pose any threat to SUMO as a business, nor has it affected the day-to-day running of our operations. We are saddened to see the collapse of Carillion and its very distressing to see the issues this has caused many families and other businesses.

(image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

(image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Some of our clients have been in contact with us to ask if the liquidation of Carillion has or will affect our ability to provide services for other projects. We can safely say that it hasn't and so we are making this public statement to further strengthen our client's confidence in our services.

Services provided to Carillion by the SUMO group generated a very small fraction of our annual turnover and Carillion's liquidation will not have any impact on our ability to provide quality services both now and in the future.

SUMO sympathises with other businesses who are in the Carillon supply chain and that have not faired as well as ourselves and for whom the liquidation of Carillion will have significant consequences.

We gladly announce that SUMO will remain your quality survey service provider, giving you full visibility above and below the ground.