SUMO Takes To the Skies!

SUMO Aerial Services provides surveys including roof inspections, photogrammetry and earthwork surveys as part of our development strategy for multi-discipline surveying services.


The UAV operations arm of SUMO is run in partnership with Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam Ltd, a specialist aerial photographer with over 30 years’ experience in land and property aerial surveys.

As well as offering this as a discrete additional service, our Digital Built Environment division can integrate Measured Building Survey data with aerial survey data to capture high level building detail and other hard to reach areas where conventional methods and laser scanning can’t see.

SUMO Aerial Surveys uses the latest technology including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), mobile telescopic masts and piloted aircraft to survey areas which may be impractical or costly to survey with conventional technology.  The advantages of aerial surveys include reduced costs, increased reaction time and best value solutions when combined with the flexibility of conventional methods.