SUMO Safety Excels Again!

SUMO is pleased to announce our excellent 2017 CAM rating of 9.3!

Health and safety is integral to the success of any business and at SUMO we pride ourselves on our commitment to the health and safety of both our staff and clients.

So, what does our CAM rating mean?

The term CAM stands for Compliance Audit Measurement and is part of SUMO’s Risk Management Survey Report. T­­­­­he rating is scaled from 0-10 and is a measure of SUMO’s ability to prevent a Health & Safety incident from occurring.  A CAM rating of 10 is the highest score a business can be awarded therefore, the higher our rating, the better our health and safety standards!

Gavin Brown of Hamilton Deed conducted this recent audit and noted the wealth of experience Directors at SUMO held. As well as their commitment to a positive health and safety culture. He said:

“The company has a good management system. This is driven from Director level, with all the Directors taking an active part in daily business operations. A well-managed company.”

We would like to thank all of our hard-working professional staff for their help in contributing towards this score.      

SUMO is delighted with our excellent review and ability to exceed health and safety standards. We will continue to provide expertise, passion and commitment to health and safety for many years to come.